Retirement is a time of both challenge and opportunity, which can be a daunting prospect. This highly practical book, written for coaches and HR professionals who are supporting others through the process, shows what can be done to help people towards a successful change in their lives and circumstances as they move towards post-employment.

Coaching for Retirement explores how to coach people towards sound planning for and management of retirement, from both an employer and employee perspective. The book considers how coaching has evolved to include retirement coaching as a growing specialism, and how retirement itself is changing because of a range of social, economic and political factors, both in the UK and globally. As a recent retiree herself, as well as an experienced coach, Angela Mulvie provides useful and interesting insights into the factors impacting how people plan and prepare for this next stage, answering key questions such as:

  • how can the pre-retirement needs of staff be determined?
  • how might retirement coaching support the decision-making processes involved?
  • what options might individuals consider, e.g. part-time work, volunteering, pursuit of a second/portfolio career, new learning opportunities, etc.?
  • what financial implications do people need to explore and how can these be prioritized?
  • how can emotional aspects of retirement – health, wellbeing and relationships – be supported?
  • what tools are available to support people in planning their retirement?

As organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of providing support to employees at all stages of their careers, this is an essential resource for coaches, HR professionals and all professionals involved in retirement planning.