As the topic of age diversity in the workplace becomes increasingly important, this book is the first to show how organizations can provide learning and development opportunities and activities for a mixed generational workforce, and how to deal with the issues arising from such a strategy.

Going beyond the theory, the book uncovers how learning and development for a multigenerational workforce works in practice and provides case studies throughout.

Key themes include:

  • how organizations can determine the learning and development needs of a multigenerational workforce, and the psychology of learning for different groups;
  • how a strategy for learning and development for a mixed generation workforce can be established and delivered;
  • the resource implications of this provision and how organisations dealing with them to ensure flexibility; and
  • how the outcomes and impact of such provision can be measured.

With both research-based and practical content, the book is suitable for both Master’s level programmes in HRM and HRD, and for learning and development professionals.